DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Reviews - 6 April 2009-04-06

Chyeon Jeon-myeong in Hansel and Gretel

Chyeon Jeon-myeong in Hansel and Gretel

Out in the UK This Week

Mike Leigh at the BBC (2 entertain, cert 12)

Great stuff from 1973-84, including Nuts in May and Abigail’s Party, plus Leigh’s own audio commentary, intelligent interviews and a clutch of shorts.

Mike Leigh at the BBC – at Amazon



Twilight (Contender, cert 12)

Smart, sylphlike Kristen Stewart falls for Byronically moody vampire Robert Pattinson in a swoony and chaste romance heaving with unrequited girlish longing.

Twilight – at Amazon



Hansel and Gretel (Terracotta, cert 15)

Grimm gets the grim treatment in a fabulous fairy/horror/fantasy thriller from Korean Yim Phil-Sung that’s as unsettling to watch as it is gorgeous to look at.

Hansel and Gretel – at Amazon



Sky Kids (Unanimous, cert 12)

Made for 12 year old US lads who salute the flag, a suprisingly decent Boy’s Own adventure in the Spielberg vein but made for less than his catering budget.

Sky Kids – at Amazon



Female Prisoner Scorpion Trilogy (Eureka, cert 18)

A Quentin Tarantino wet dream, three early 1970s cult Japanese exploitationers starring achingly pretty Meiko Kaji as the dangerous gal in question.

Female Prisoner Scorpion Trilogy – at Amazon



Super High Me (Revolver, cert 18)

LA stand-up Doug Benson – ‘number 2 stoner comic in the country’ – swears off pot for a month and then hits it big-style. Worth rolling up for.

Super High Me – at Amazon



The Silence of Lorna (Artificial Eye, cert 15)

The Dardennes brothers’ Belgian slow-burner about an Albanian woman caught up in a sham-marriage racket plays elaborate if glum games with the viewer.

The Silence of Lorna – at Amazon


The Signal (Optimum, cert 18)

Like a J-horror film remade by George Romero, a patchy three-part zombie splatterflick with creative slaughter and more ambition than execution.

The Signal – at Amazon


Inkheart (EV, cert PG)

Messy fantasy about characters summoned from books by ‘silvertongue’ Brendan Fraser. Books are just dandy, it’s big idea, swamped by ‘no they’re not’ SFX.

Inkheart – at Amazon


Max Payne (Fox, cert 15)

There’s ‘something’s rotten in the force’ in this cop drama starring Mark Wahlberg, sexed up with Night Watch-style visuals and lots of scowling Russians.

Max Payne – at Amazon


Outlanders (Sterling, cert 15)

Polish lad comes to London and winds up in a dodgy building game. Grungey realism meets Sweeney-style cops in a drama that looks made for TV.

Outlanders – at Amazon


Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Dreamworks, cert PG)

Spot the famous voice as the anthropomorphised animals return in a comic animation that feels cobbled together from bits of The Lion King, Ice Age etc.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – at Amazon


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