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Gael Garcia Bernal in Amores Perros

Gael Garcia Bernal in Amores Perros



The film which announced the rebirth of Mexican cinema in 2000, Amores Perros was adored not just by cinephiles but also those who “don’t do subtitles”. The reasons are many and continue to make it a film worth seeing, or seeing again. Shot on film which has been deliberately processed in the “wrong” chemical to produce distorted colours and bleached out highlights, it’s got a look which suddenly was everywhere – from hip adverts to films by old-schoolers such as Steven Spielberg (see 2005’s terrorist thriller Munich, for example). The multi-stranded plot which zips backwards and forwards from a pivotal moment – in this case a car crash – is now a Hollywood default for any film which doesn’t have enough plot or character. Not something you could accuse Amores Perros of. It’s about dogs – fighting dogs – hitmen, crazy love, Latin excess, fertile women, warring brothers, men with fussily trimmed beards. In fact debut director Alejandro González Iñárritu plunders Brazilian soap opera and pumps the cliches (a nod to Tarantino here) to pulp fiction proportions. And let’s not forget that the movie delivered to the world its first big Hispanic star of the new millennium – Gael Garcia Bernal.

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imdb poster Amores Perros
Amores Perros (2000)
Run time: 154 min
Rating: 8.1
Genres: Drama | Thriller
Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Writers: Guillermo Arriaga
Stars: Emilio Echevarría, Gael García Bernal, Goya Toledo
Trivia: A horrific car accident connects three stories, each involving characters dealing with loss, regret, and life’s harsh realities, all in the name of love.
Storyline Three interconnected stories about the different strata of life in Mexico City all resolve with a fatal car accident. Octavio is trying to raise enough money to run away with his sister-in-law, and decides to enter his dog Cofi into the world of dogfighting. After a dogfight goes bad, Octavio flees in his car, running a red light and causing the accident. Daniel and Valeria’s new-found bliss is prematurely ended when she loses her leg in the accident. El Chivo is a homeless man who cares for stray dogs and is there to witness the collision. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: car accident, dog, mexico city, money, dogfight
Box Office Budget: $2,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: £80,560 (UK) (18 May 2001)
Gross: $5,383,834 (USA) (6 July 2001)