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Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

    It’s tempting to look at writer/director Sofia Coppola’s biopic about Marie Antoinette as a coded self-portrait – young woman born into immense privilege, continuing in the family business, expected to have an understanding of the hoi polloi though with no experience thereof, allowed to indulge her whims, and

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Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland in Melancholia


  A movie for every day of the year – a good one     10 April   Halley’s comet and earth at closest point, 837 On this day in AD837, Halley’s Comet got as close as it’s ever got to the earth, as far as records and calculations can

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Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart in On the Road

On the Road

  A movie for every day of the year – a good one     21 October     Jack Kerouac dies, 1969 On this day in 1969, the writer born Jean-Louis Kérouac died, from internal bleeding brought on by long-term alcohol abuse. He was the child of French Canadians

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