mark duplass

Black Rock

Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth and Katie Aselton in Black Rock

    Three girls are chased around an island by three crazed ex-soldier guys in Katie Aselton’s boo-goes-there horror story that would slot nicely into the big book of feminist films if it weren’t for the gratuitous (oh come on) nudity. Not that there’s anything wrong with god-given nakedness. But back to the film. Directed …

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The Puffy Chair

Mark Duplass and Kathryn Aselton in The Puffy Chair

    Here’s a simple story about Josh (Mark Duplass), his needy girlfriend (Kathryn Aselton), Josh’s hippie-dip brother (Rhett Wilkins) and their cross-country journey to take collection of an overstuffed couch-potato chair they just bought on ebay, and take it to the guys’ dad (played by Duplass’s dad, Larry Duplass).   Shot for $10,000 by …

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