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Santi Ahumada plays Lucía in Thursday till Sunday

Thursday Till Sunday aka De Jueves a Domingo

      London Film Festival, 2012-10-22  Dominga Sotomayor’s remarkable debut feature is a sotto voce drama about a family on a road trip. Proceeding by suggestion rather than assertion, it is in some respects similar to Pablo Trapero’s early, soapy drama Familia Rodante. There are faint hints of the

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Fathers Julián and Nicolás patrol the shanty in White Elephant

White Elephant

       London Film Festival, 2012-10-21   At a certain point in the career of a successful film-maker who is not working in the English language, you expect him or her to make their “breakout” film, the one that gets them noticed in the multiplexes, the one that makes

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