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Fabrice Luchini between blow-up dollies of Stalin and Mao in In the House

22 July 2013-07-22

Out in the UK This Week       In The House (Momentum, cert 15, Blu-ray/DVD) François Ozon’s thriller/farce is as clever as you’d expect from a man who gave us the relationship-in-reverse drama 5X2. Here he’s again examining the nature of storytelling with a film about a teacher who

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All That Heaven Allows original poster

The Curious Return of Douglas Sirk

  What is it about a film-maker who died around 25 years ago in obscurity  that fascinates a new generation of directors?         The director Douglas Sirk died in 1987 aged 90. Born in Hamburg as Detlef Sierck, he became well known for his string of lush melodramas made

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Fathers Julián and Nicolás patrol the shanty in White Elephant

White Elephant

       London Film Festival, 2012-10-21   At a certain point in the career of a successful film-maker who is not working in the English language, you expect him or her to make their “breakout” film, the one that gets them noticed in the multiplexes, the one that makes

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